10 April 14 from www.theguardian.com

Reports in the media say that Lord Myners has resigned from the Co-operative Group board, apparently because of opposition to his proposed reforms of the governance of the Group.

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04 April 14

The bank needs another £400m capital

Last week the Co-op Bank announced that unforeseen losses will mean it needs to raise another £400 million in capital on top of the £1.5 billion it raised in the recapitalisation last year.

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24 March 14

In reaction to news that the Co-op Bank needs a further capital injection of £400m, The Save Our Bank campaign made the following statement:

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14 March 14 from www.reuters.com

Some people dismiss the Save Our Bank plan to raise money from ordinary members to buy back a co-operative majority stake in the bank. They say it's a nice idea but the sums of money involved are too high.

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14 March 14

Save Our Bank and Unite the Union - Britians largest trade union - have teamed up to fight for ethics and fair pay at the Co-op Bank.

Read our 14 March Newsletter here

Read the joint press release here

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12 March 14 from www.theguardian.com

Euan Sutherland, the chief executive of The Co-operative Group - which owns 30% of the Co-operative Bank - resigned on 11 March. His resignation was accepted. This follows the row about pay which started following revelations on 9 March.

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09 March 14 from www.theguardian.com

News of a proposal to pay big salary increases and bonuses for senior staff at The Co-operative Group has dismayed Save Our Bank supporters.

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04 March 14

Customers of The Co-operative Bank will have recieved the following message by email or by post over the last week. We at Save Our Bank are pleased to see the bank finally communicating with its customers directly about the difficulties it has gone through, and pleased to see the organisation's values and ethics given some prominence.

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27 February 14

Do you know anyone with shares in The Co-op Bank?

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08 February 14

Following the example email response from the bank to supporters who used the web feedback form, one of our supporters sent us the written response received after they sent a letter to the bank.

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