06 February 14

The bank responds to your emails 

Thanks to all of you who wrote to The Co-op Bank after our last mail-out on the 15th January and sent messages of support over social networks. One of our supporters sent in the following response they received from the bank:


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16 January 14

Keep the bank’s Ethical Policy strong

Over the next few weeks The Co-operative Bank will be deciding how it plans to proceed with its Ethical Policy.

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22 December 13 from www.co-operative.coop

On 20 December the Co-operative Group and Co-operative Bank announced that the 'liability management exercise' - the first part of the re-capitilisation plan - was complete. New shares have been issued to bondholders resulting in £1bn increase in equity (replacing debt).

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12 December 13

This week the Save Our Bank campaign put our supporters' demands to the Co-op Group Chief Executive. We're keeping the pressure on to ensure the Bank's ethics stay strong, and are shown to stay strong. Here's our latest update on where we stand.

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06 December 13 from saveourbank.coop

This latest newsletter includes results from the survey asking what Save Our Bank supporters think about the campaign priorities.

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30 November 13 from www.co-operative.coop

Late Friday 29th the Co-operative Group announced that a large majority of retail

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28 November 13

The Guardian reports this morning (28 November) that the Nationwide £500m share issue has been oversubscribed - raising the full £500m in just four days. This raises hopes that a mutual buy-back of Co-op Bank is feasible.

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28 November 13 from www.theguardian.com

Andrew Bibby writes in Guardian Social Enterprise section.


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26 November 13

Crunch time at the bank - help spread the word

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24 November 13 from www.iansnaith.com

A useful overview of new investigations and inquiries into The Co-operative Bank and their legal framework.

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