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06 December 13 from

This latest newsletter includes results from the survey asking what Save Our Bank supporters think about the campaign priorities.

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30 November 13 from

Late Friday 29th the Co-operative Group announced that a large majority of retail

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28 November 13

The Guardian reports this morning (28 November) that the Nationwide £500m share issue has been oversubscribed - raising the full £500m in just four days. This raises hopes that a mutual buy-back of Co-op Bank is feasible.

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28 November 13 from

Andrew Bibby writes in Guardian Social Enterprise section.


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26 November 13

Crunch time at the bank - help spread the word

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24 November 13 from

A useful overview of new investigations and inquiries into The Co-operative Bank and their legal framework.

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23 November 13 from

Robert Peston reveals that the Financial Services Authority told The Co-operative Group as early as April 2012 that the bank had too little capital to be allowed to go through with the purchase of over 600 branches from Lloyds. 

"So why did the FSA allow the Co-op Bank continue to chunter down the track towards this proposed massive expansion?

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22 November 13 from

Vultures are circling around The Co-operative Group, looking for whatever they might be able to pick up for a bargain price. The Co-operative Funeralcare could be next, says this Reuters article. These funds are motivated purely by profit, but if we join together we can put pressure on them to keep the bank ethical, and eventually return it to ownership by its customers. 

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21 November 13 from

According to Robert Peston at the BBC, the hedge funds acquiring a majority stake in The Co-operative Bank "can only refuse to put the additional £125m of cash into Co-op Bank if creditors fail to vote for conversion of Co-op Bank's £1.3bn of bonds and prefs into shares and new bonds.

"So they don't have a lot of leverage to improve the terms of the deal.

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20 November 13

We released a statement on the Bank's proposed new Articles of Association, published on 14th November. In our view the commitments are not strong enough to withstand commercial pressures and protect the Ethical Policy of the bank. Full statement here.

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