This section contains resources you may find useful:

Background - a short explanation of what is going on with the Co-operative Bank and why we are campaigning.

Ethical Policy - the PDF version of the bank's ethical policy - still in force but not on the bank's site - so we've put it here. (The text version is here).

Paper form for taking supporter names - an updated (March 2014) form you can print for taking supporter names - useful for people without the net or at meetings, outside branches etc.

Co-op bank "in our DNA" advert - published 4 November, these adverts make commitments that the bank should be held to.

Flyers for branches - nifty 6-to-a-page leaflets you can print out and leave in branches, thanks to These now correctly claim that 70% of the Co-operative Bank in the hands of private investors, not 70% of the Co-operative Group. Thanks for fixing @nose_army

Rules of the Co-operative Group - supporters of the campaign have asked where to find these.


Timeline - detailed explanation of the bank recapitalisation from Co-op News

Video statement from Euan Sutherland 21 October - the Chief Executive of the Co-operative Group explains the in-principle agreement with bond holders and claims that the Group's 30% holding will leave it in effective control as the largest single shareholder.

Press Release 25 October - first release from Ethical Consumer magazine launching the campaign and calling on concerned customers not to switch yet.